About us

To make Technology Affordable.

To provide the best technological solutions.

Core Values:
* Integrity
* Excellence
* Transparency
* Accountability

Airsave Ltd is an Information Communications Technology company dealing in ICT solutions like Web development, software development, App development, system development and system integration.

Who we are

Founded in 2014, Airsave ltd is a true technology company, one of the largest of its kind in the country. Airsave Ltd provides custom-tailored plug and play software solutions to address specific business needs.

  We build world-class mobile Apps to provide solutions in security, health,  environment etc. As pioneers in the value-added services industry, with over a decade of network connectivity that spans the breadth of the country, with a multiple channel software platform capable of integrating with off-the-shelf SMS and USSD gateways using XML-RPC, HTTP/s, SMPP protocol, offering the widest API options; HTTP, HTTPS, XML, FTP, SOAP over HTTP, SMPP, SMTP, in addition to layer 7 security filtering. Airsave LTD is placed to stop and experience world-class technology.